Laymen’s Council of the AUBA

clip_image002 It is important to note: that the first organized work among the men of our Association was started by a woman. On October 29, 1929, Mrs. Muriel Viola States wife of Rev. Wellington N. States called a meeting for the young men of Hammonds Plains for the purpose of starting a men’s group. This organized men group was called the Men’s Progressive Club of Hammonds Plains. The second men’s group of our association was organized by Rev. Rodney, New Glasgow in 1930. Lic. William P. Oliver, Windsor Plains organized a men group in June 1936. R.K. Delong, organized a men group in New Glasgow, September, 1936. Rev. William P. Oliver, in Halifax organized a men group in September, 1938. The Laymen’s Council came into existence after a number of Christian Men from the Churches of the African United Baptist Association became interested in setting up a Provincial Men’s Group. During the 91st sessions of the African United Baptist Association in 1944, these interested men made their move. The Moderator at this time was Rev. A. N. Morgan and the Clerk was Rev. William P. Oliver. When the Clerk gave the Executive Report he made it known that there were a number of interested men from the different churches of the African United Baptist Association who wanted to form a Provincial Men’s Group. On Saturday, August 19th, 1944 the vote was positive and this is when the Laymen’s Council gave birth and came into existence.

Our First Executive Council in 1944

President – Bro. J. A. Ross Kinney First Vice President – Dea. Allan W. Evans Second Vice President – Dea. Richard S. Symonds Third Vice President – Dea. Howard B. Lawrence Secretary – Bro. Walter R. Johnston Assistant Secretary – Bro. Russell Christmas Supervisor – Rev. Albert W. Thompson Additional Executive Members: Dea. C.H. Johnston and Dea. Edgar Johnston Convention Representative: Provincial President – Bro. J. A. Ross Kinney

Mission Statement

As a Laymen’s Group of the African United Baptist Association of Nova Scotia: Our ministry is to bring all men together, to love, to fellowship, to study, to grow in the knowledge of God, enhancing spiritual growth with our Family, Church and Community. Our Annual Laymen’s Conference is held on the first weekend in June each year. Our executive meet three times a year: third Saturday in September, second Saturday in February, and the second Saturday in April. Our Laymen’s Retreat is held on the second Friday and Saturday in September at Debert Hospitality Centre, Debert, Nova Scotia. We are under the current leadership of Brother Samuel Provo,Sr., Provincial President. We as a Provincial Laymen’s Group continue to grow spiritually during the past 65 years. We have made many improvements to our organization since its existence in 1944. We give thanks to God, Our Heavenly Father for our Brothers who have gone on to their reward, but to us that remain they have passed the torch, and with their example, and God’s help, we will continue to hold it high. Contact Information: Bro. Samuel Provo,Sr., Provincial President Bro. Jeffrey Johnston, Secretary Bro. Kerry Johnston, Treasurer

Laymen’s Council of the African United Baptist Association of Nova Scotia P.O. Box 8, Dartmouth Main, 53 Queen Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 3Y2